Perfect Smile porcelain crown – The solution for a perfect smile

Perfect Smile porcelain crown is the solution to create bright white teeth, exclusive technology at Kangnam. With the international standard porcelain dental implant process, customers will quickly own bright white teeth, standard proportions, completely replacing chipped, chipped, broken, broken, decayed, crooked teeth, …

I – What is cosmetic porcelain crowns?

Porcelain crowns (English is Porcelain crowns). This is the most popular dental solution today.

Porcelain crowns help the teeth become even and bright white. At the same time, completely overcome the situation of chipped, crooked teeth, tooth decay, enamel wear, ….


Porcelain teeth bring a bright white smile, beautiful for a long time. Therefore, this method is chosen by many celebrities to improve poor teeth.

Take a look at the actors, singers, and beauty queens who rely on porcelain crowns to have a more perfect smile:


Actress Song Hye Kyo has a brighter smile with regular porcelain teeth


Actor Lee Jun Ki is also not an exception to the trend of porcelain veneers to correct crooked teeth


Thanks to porcelain teeth, Yuri (SNSD) has a brighter and more confident smile


Yunho (DBSK) is more handsome with white porcelain teeth


II – Do porcelain crowns have to be sharpened?

To create space for the surrounding porcelain teeth, the teeth grinding stage is mandatory. If any dentist advertises porcelain teeth without grinding teeth, customers should not trust them.

Because even countries with developed dental aesthetics have not been able to implement the technique of porcelain veneers without grinding teeth.

Although it is imperative to grind teeth when applying porcelain, if done correctly, this process does not affect the real tooth structure much. The grinding more or less will depend on each dental facility as well as the skill of the doctor.


The grinding of teeth more or less depends on the porcelain coating technology of each dentist

Previously, dental technology had not been developed, when porcelain veneers needed to grind a lot of real tooth tissue, causing invasion to the pulp and causing toothache. In this case, the doctor usually takes all the marrow to avoid pain later.

Meanwhile, the current technique of porcelain crowns only needs to grind 0.3 – 0.6 of real tooth tissue, so customers do not need to worry about porcelain crowns having to take the pulp. The pulp is completely protected to nourish and maintain healthy teeth.

Perfect Smile porcelain implant technology allows grinding the tooth pulp to a minimum, preserving the root, real dentin and the pulp inside.


Perfect Smile technology at Kangnam allows minimally invasive to the real tooth structure

As a result, customers with porcelain veneers at Kangnam will not feel pain or tooth sensitivity, and at the same time maintain a long life of porcelain teeth.

III – Who is suitable for porcelain teeth?

Because of its optimal effect on making teeth more beautiful and healthy, cosmetic porcelain crowns are the appropriate solution in the following cases:

  • The front teeth, jaw are chipped, chipped or broken.
  • Teeth with protruding, underbite mild.
  • Tooth decay, inflamed pulp or dead pulp.
  • The front teeth are sparse, the big ones are small, some are crooked.
  • Severely discolored teeth cannot be corrected with teeth whitening solutions.
  • Porcelain coating when restoring Implant.
  • Porcelain veneer to shape rabbit teeth, charming crooked teeth.

IV – Advantages of cosmetic porcelain crowns

Porcelain teeth implant with modern technology Perfect Smile at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital is the perfect choice for customers who want to restore bright, natural and durable teeth.

✅ Thiết kế răng sứ chuẩn xác, tỉ lệ hoàn hảo

Perfect Smile applies DSD smile design technology to help shape standard porcelain teeth in proportion to each customer’s facial contours and mouth.

With this technology, customers can exchange and participate in the tooth design process to find the desired style, color and size.


Advanced DSD smile design technology allows accurate analysis of all teeth parameters

  • Standard size ratio
  • Standard gingival symmetry
  • Standard occlusal occlusion
  • Standard teeth color
  • Titration of gingival clearance

The gums are close to the roots of the teeth. The gap of the gums when smiling brightly is only about 2-3 mm (from the neck of the teeth >> upper lip).

Based on the analysis of the oral condition, dentist Kangnam and the customer will discuss to come up with the most appropriate porcelain crown design.

Ensure optimal aesthetic results, compatible with the face, personality as well as anthropology of each customer.

✅ Increase the durability of porcelain teeth by 20 times

The dual molecular technology applied in the processing of porcelain ingots increases the durability by 20 times compared to conventional porcelain coating technologies.


✅ No pain

The technique of grinding teeth is precise with a negligible rate, without invasiveness to the tooth pulp. Therefore, customers who experience Perfect Smile porcelain coating service at Kangnam are completely comfortable and do not feel any pain or discomfort.

Besides, after grinding teeth, the doctor will apply a layer of protective cream to the dentin. This helps to keep the teeth healthy and pain-free in the process of chewing later.

✅ Incorporating Nano coating, for lifelike natural colors

Compared with other conventional porcelain coating technologies, Perfect Smile uses Shining coating to help whiten teeth as bright as real teeth.

In particular, the porcelain materials at Kangnam are all imported genuine from famous brands of America, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc. Not only the outstanding whiteness, but these materials are also extremely safe for gums. tooth.


Bright white teeth thanks to high-quality porcelain material combined with Shinning porcelain coating technique

✅ Quick recovery time

With Perfect Smile technology, customers can complete the porcelain coating process in the same day if the case is small.

This saves time and travel costs. Therefore, many customers in the neighboring provinces of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City also choose Kangnam to plant porcelain teeth.

✅ Result of beautiful standard porcelain crown

All customers who choose Perfect Smile porcelain coating technology at Kangnam are satisfied with the aesthetic effect received. Bright, straight teeth bring a bright, bright smile.

V – What is the process of porcelain veneers, how long does it take?

✔️ Step 1: examination and consultation

The doctor checks whether the oral condition is suitable for this restoration method or not.

If the teeth are crooked a lot or severely overbite, customers are advised not to use porcelain veneers to avoid having to grind away a large amount of glandular tissue. Instead, the orthodontic braces method will be more suitable.


Besides, if the teeth have any medical problems such as pulpitis, gums, tooth decay, the doctor will also prescribe thorough treatment before proceeding with porcelain crowns.

In case the customer is eligible for porcelain veneers, the doctor will discuss and consult carefully about the shape and color of porcelain teeth. Then, DSD technology will be applied to accurately design porcelain teeth, for a beautiful standard smile.

✔️ Step 2: Dental hygiene and anesthesia

Before carrying out porcelain coating, the oral cavity needs to be sure to clean all bacteria, to avoid residual pathogens that will attack and destroy real tooth tissue.

The doctor will clean the entire oral cavity. After that, the entire gum and tooth area will be numbed to help customers feel comfortable, not sensitive when grinding teeth.

If you don’t want to inject anesthesia, you can choose a spray or topical anesthetic, which is gentle but still has the same effect.


✔️ Step 3: Grind teeth

The level of tooth grinding will ensure the maximum limit. However, the amount of tooth tissue to be removed also needs to be enough to make room for the porcelain crown.

Before grinding teeth, the doctor will apply a layer of enamel to protect the enamel to avoid damage to the original tooth tissue later. Dr. Kangnam has expertise and experience in tooth grinding and will directly take care of it

The implementation process will be really meticulous and careful, for the exact grinding line, in accordance with the determined tooth grinding ratio.

✔️ Step 4: Take impressions of real teeth and attach temporary teeth

The doctor took an impression of the jaw and sent it to the Labo room. The manipulations need to be absolutely precise so that the porcelain crown is perfectly crafted, fits the real tooth base and the pre-shaped jaw mold.

Next, the customer will be fitted with temporary dentures, which can be porcelain or plastic. This helps the teeth still ensure aesthetics and chewing function while waiting for porcelain teeth

✔️ Step 5: Install porcelain crowns

For customers with full-mouth porcelain crowns at Kangnam Dental Clinic, after only 1-2 days, they can return to the hospital to have a fixed porcelain crown installed.

Temporary teeth will be removed and the entire oral cavity and real tooth tissue will be thoroughly cleaned

Then specialized dental glue will be used to attach the finished porcelain teeth.


✔️ Step 6: Edit and complete the porcelain coating process

Customers need to ensure that the porcelain teeth are suitable and not misaligned. Any deviation must be corrected and corrected by the dentist, ensuring that the teeth are not only aesthetically perfect but also have a precise bite.

After the final adjustment, the teeth will be covered with a silver Nano layer to create shine for the teeth, deodorize and prevent staining.

Finally, customers will be carefully instructed and reminded about hygiene methods as well as how to eat and care for porcelain teeth after planting. The next follow-up visit will be scheduled and notified specifically to the customer.

VI – How much does it cost to plant porcelain teeth?

1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

Refer to the price list of porcelain teeth at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital listed with each material and corresponding porcelain coating technology.

COSMETIC DENTAL SERVICES Price (million VNĐ/ 1 tooth)
Titan porcelain teeth 2,5
Venus porcelain teeth 3,5
Roland porcelain teeth 5
Emax zic porcelain teeth 6
Cercon porcelain teeth 6
Cercon HT – Emax Press porcelain teeth 7
Lava Plus – 3M ESPE & Emax Zic Cad full porcelain teeth 8
4S porcelain full teeth 12
5S porcelain  full teeth 15
Paris diamond porcelain teeth 18
Golden full teeth 10
Emax, Cercon HT porcelain teeth 8
Veneer Ultra thin 12
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