What is painless rhinoplasty 6D ? What’s special?

What is painless 6D rhinoplasty? At Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital, we are currently applying the latest proprietary technology – painless 6D rhinoplasty with high quality Korean bio-cartilage material. Customers will recover extremely quickly after surgery, feel less discomfort and have a beautiful 360-degree nose shape. The cost of implementing the package is 49,000,000 VND

I- What is painless rhinoplasty 6D?

Painless 6D Rhinoplasty  uses bio-cartilage imported directly from Korea, offering many outstanding advantages compared to many traditional silicone cartilages.

1- Premium bio-cartilage from Korea

Through thorough research and testing, Kangnam Hospital chooses Korean bio-cartilage for the following reasons:

  • Cartilage is made of 100% ePTFE with intelligent 2-layer structure, imported from Korea.
  • The ability to flex and create a natural frame, not making the nose form rough.
  • Light weight, bring comfort to the user.
  • High compatibility with the soft tissues of the nose, reducing the risk of complications, irritation.
  • High durability, not eliminated over time, keeping the nose high and straight for a long time.

Thanks to the advantages of Korean bio-cartilage, customers will go through the postoperative period easily, with simple care without much effort, and strict abstinence.

Sụn sinh học Hàn Quốc không đau có nhiều điểm ưu việt

2- Advantages of painless 6D rhinoplasty

When 6D rhinoplasty is painless at Kangnam Hospital, customers will definitely be satisfied with the results received. Because this place has enough aesthetic conditions to meet international quality standards:

  • Eliminate the worry of pain during surgery thanks to exclusive anesthesia technology.
  • Possessing a high, straight, “flying” nose with a fast recovery rate (3-5 days)
  • Revamp the nose shape in a comprehensive way, eliminating crooked, humpy, skewed, big defects…
  • The latest technology transferred from Korea: Vectra 3D previews the results, Face Design “creates” a standard nose shape.
  • The skillful stitching technique with Nano bio-thread is easily compatible, creating high strength.
  • A team of nose beauticians with many years of experience, knowledgeable about each technology and ready to answer all questions for customers.
Sở hữu dáng mũi tuyệt đẹp sau nâng 6D không đau

II- Subjects performed painless 6D rhinoplasty

Doctors at Kangnam Hospital identify suitable subjects for “painless 6D rhinoplasty” including:

  • People over 18 years old, psychologically stable, have no underlying diseases.
  • Customers have a deviated nose, a bad nose, a low nose… congenital.
  • People after rhinoplasty are damaged or have an accident that damages the inherent nasal structure.
  • People who are prone to irritation with ordinary silicone cartilage.

Pregnant or menstruating women will not be able to perform rhinoplasty to ensure health safety.

Before proceeding with nose correction, you should still visit your doctor for a general examination and listen to specific advice, do not arbitrarily make decisions that make the beauty process risky.

Ai nên nâng mũi 6D?

III-What’s outstanding of Painless 6D Rhinoplasty ?

To help you easily visualize the “What is painless 6D rhinoplasty?”, as well as the difference between Korean bio-cartilage 6D rhinoplasty with traditional techniques, below is a detailed comparison table.

Painless Rhinoplasty 6D Rhinoplasty 4D
Cartilage material Premium Korean Bio-Cartilage Standard welding silicone cartilage combined with autologous cartilage.
Insensitivity technique Pre-anesthesia technique, effective pain relief. The client still maintains cognitive abilities. Usually anesthesia is used to facilitate the complex editing process.
Recovery time Basic recovery after 7 days, nose form stabilizes after 2-3 weeks. From 1-2 months
Technology Vectra technology previews results.

3D Face Design technology to design a proportional nose shape.

Ultrasound technology, endoscope helps to intervene in the nose with low invasive level.
Post-operative service package Painkiller pack, recovery 2 times faster than normal.

Luxury resort package at the hospital: 2 days before and after surgery.

Follow-up after 1 day, 5 days, 10 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.

Follow-up after 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months
Warranty Policy 20 years warranty 10-15 years warranty

With the comprehensive upgrade in service quality, many customers tend to choose painless 6D rhinoplasty at Kangnam Hospital. They not only have the opportunity to own a naturally beautiful nose, but also save recovery time, higher safety.

Nâng mũi không đau, không biến chứng tại BV Kangnam

IV- Price of Painless 6D rhinoplasty

At Kangnam Hospital, the package cost for painless 6D rhinoplasty is  49,000,000. Customers enjoy full service from A-Z as well as post-operative care and warranty policies.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to “hunt” coupons with up to 20% discount if you register for the service early on the right holiday or participate in mini-game programs to receive promotional prizes.

(1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

Do not forget to click the “follow” button on the hospital’s media pages to monitor and update the promotion information in a timely manner.

Quy trình nâng mũi chuẩn hóa và an toàn tại Kangnam

Painless 6D rhinoplasty according to the latest technology

Detailed information about “What is painless 6D rhinoplasty?” mentioned above must have helped you to clear your doubts. Join BV Kangnam to change your beauty and upgrade your appearance today to regain your confidence.

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