Nanofat Autologous Fat Transfer – Filling in emaciation, with baby face

1, What is Nano Fat autologous fat transfer method?

Nano Fat fat transfer is a method to remove fat from the thick areas of the body (abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks, ..) to compensate for the deficiency of the hypoplastic part (eye sockets, face, chest, …). Healthy fat cells are confirmed by cosmetologists around the world as a safe “filler”, increasing the body’s suitability up to 100%.

Cấy mỡ Nanofat Kangnam

1-Purpose of fat injection Nano Fat

Fat injection helps to completely overcome the hypoplastic part of the body. The mechanism of action of this method is mainly based on centrifugal extraction technology to classify the healthiest fat cells before transplanting into the body area.

What is autologous fat transfer?

Bring the fat area from the transplanted part to the emaciated, hypoplastic part of the face to shape and tighten the natural skin.

Fat tissue is introduced into the body to make the skin full, erase wrinkles immediately. Therefore, the main purpose of liposuction technique is to help fill in the haggard skin and rejuvenate the entire face.

2- What areas are Nano Fat fat injections applied to?

Nano Fat fat transfer is currently a safe and high-quality beauty method that is applied by many prestigious cosmetic facilities. This technology can be applied to many parts of the body such as:

Eye area, cheeks, temples, chin, forehead: Fat grafting to fill the eye sockets, temples, … hypoplasia helps to improve the old, lifeless face.
fat grafting

Nano Fat grease pump is applied to many different areas of the face

Face: Face fat transplant is a solution to overcome wrinkles, sagging skin, and fill them in a natural way. The face after fat injection will become smooth, full of life, fresh.
Hands: Fat injection fills the hand bones, wrinkles, regain beauty confidence for customers.

II/ Outstanding advantages of Nanofat autologous fat transfer at Kangnam Hospital

Kangnam Hospital is one of the cosmetic units that successfully apply Nano Fat fat implant technology to many customers. Compared with many technologies using filler materials, Nano Fat fat implants show much better advantages in terms of safety and aesthetic effect:

① Filling the haggard face, comprehensive skin rejuvenation

Thanks to the direct implantation of fat tissue into the body, the facial contours become soft and natural. The entire rough and thin face area will be improved by 99%, creating a youthful and full “baby” face.

In addition, Nano Fat fat pump also helps to shape and overcome defects such as: low chin, high cheekbones, flat forehead, .. This is the perfect solution for every customer to have delicate lines on the mirror. face.

Nano Fat fat transplant helps bring new fat tissue into the face, thereby stimulating natural collagen hyperplasia in the body. Not only “filling” deep wrinkles, but the method also helps customers rejuvenate the skin in a comprehensive way.

② After only 1 time of performing fat injection, you can see the results immediately

The hypoplastic, wrinkled skin on the face will be “pumped”, immediately stretched by direct fat transfer. Customers will soon own a fresh face, completely remove wrinkles, old deep eye sockets become easier than ever.

③ Non-surgical, painless skin tightening method

Fat injection is a technique where the doctor uses a special syringe tip to directly implant the most healthy fat cells into the part that needs to be rejuvenated.

This method allows to minimize the invasiveness, completely non-surgical but still brings the most perfect skin tightening effect. Before performing fat grafting, the doctor will give you an anesthetic injection to make sure you don’t feel any pain.

④ 2 in 1 beauty method

Thanks to liposuction from excess areas (thighs, legs, abdomen, back, biceps, ..) you will soon own slimmer, more attractive curves.

This is considered an attached benefit that creates the 2-in-1 aesthetic advantage of the Nano Fat fat implant method, which is loved by many women.

✱ Is Nano Fat pump (fat transplant) harmful?

Fat injection into the body is actually the transfer of fat from one area to another. The method has been researched and tested for safety.

The amount of fat itself gives 5 times better body compatibility than conventional fillers. Therefore, when transplanting fat, customers are completely assured that there will be no material removal from the body. Nano Fat fat implantation ensures high safety and limits the elimination of material from the body

✱ How long does Nano Fat fat transplant last?

Healthy fat cells are transplanted into the hypoplastic area and will continue to grow and develop tissue there. Fat can increase proliferation and stimulate the body to secrete natural collagen filling.

Therefore, the cosmetic results of face-filling Nano Fat are far superior to other methods.

III/ Safe Nano Fat fat transfer procedure

Nano Fat fat implantation at Kangnam Commercial Hospital is performed according to standard procedures, which have been tested for quality and safety by the Ministry of Health. Each customer performing the service goes through 5 standard steps as follows:

Quy trình cấy mỡ Nanofat

Nanofat autologous fat transfer process in Kangnam

Step 1: Consult and examinate

Step 2:  Customers conduct tests, ultrasounds, check health status according to specific instructions of the doctor.

Step 3: Measure and draw the area to be fat transplanted

Step 4: The doctor conducts Liposuction of the excess area (abdomen or thighs) to remove fat

Step 5: Extract the fat just obtained through the centrifuge, to select the best fat cells

Step 6: Use selected fat directly implanted in the previously measured area

*Customers after fat grafting take a rest, monitor for 1-2 hours at the hospital, then can go home the same day.

IV/ Before – after photos

Transplanting Nano Fat fat on the face helps to improve signs of aging, hypoplasia, and emaciation by 99%. Below is a picture of the results of actual customers who have experienced the service at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital.

V/ Experience in safe Nano Fat fat transfer

Performing face rejuvenation Nano Fat fat transplant requires you to choose a cosmetic facility that meets quality safety standards and be prepared in advance with basic knowledge in Nano Fat post-fat transplant care.

1- Experience in choosing a prestigious and high-quality aesthetic address

DO choose a cosmetic center, a cosmetic hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health.
AVOID establishments operating underground, injecting cheap fat, which does not guarantee the safety of customers. F
IND facilities that have a team of doctors who meet the aesthetic expertise to perform.
CHOOSE aesthetic addresses with modern facilities, advanced fat grafting technology to increase safety and post-implementation results.

2- Note the care regimen after autologous fat transplant

You should find out in advance the care and recovery regimen after performing the rejuvenation fat injection to have better preparation in advance.

Absolutely do not put your hands on your face for the first 3 days. To fix and create a firm cushion to attach fatty tissue at the newly transplanted skin, you should not touch or apply force to your face in the first few days of implementation.
Do not exercise vigorously for the first 24 hours. You should not do heavy exercise, massage facial muscles during this time to limit the displacement of newly transplanted fat cells.
Limit smiling, opening your mouth wide, expressing emotions on your face.
Kangnam doctor

Customers need to strictly follow the care instructions and take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor

Use prescription medication, follow the doctor’s instructions after performing fat injection on the face. Monitor the condition of the facial skin, if there are abnormal symptoms (swelling, bleeding in the fat grafting area, too much pain, ..) should go to the facility for re-examination.
Avoid hard foods for the first 10 days. Hard foods can make the jawbone work hard, causing distortion and deviation of the newly injected fat tissue.
Abstain from foods that cause keloids until the wound is completely healed. Some food groups should not be eaten during this time: water spinach, sticky rice, chicken, beef, ..
Do not perform sauna for 4 weeks after recovery to limit the impact on cosmetic results.

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