Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital – The most prestigious cosmetic brand

I. Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital – Beauty beyond all dreams

Established in 2010,  Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital  has built a strong belief, affirming its position in the current beauty market.

With the slogan “Beauty surpasses all dreams”, Kangnam always strives to bring customers aesthetic solutions in accordance with modern and safe trends with results beyond expectations… Highlight is advanced aesthetic technology. advanced from Korea such as: Plasma eyelid surgery, 4D structural rhinoplasty, 3D Vline facelift or  fat transplant.

1.1 Team of experience top-tier doctors

Not only possessing the leading scale, facilities and technology, Kangnam is also a convergence of many experienced doctors and experts in the field of cosmetology.

Thanks to that, we can meet most aesthetic needs in all areas, from eye-nose aesthetics, body shaping to maxillofacial, skin therapy, skin rejuvenation, Spa, etc.

In particular, the doctors are guaranteed to receive intensive training, receive and transfer modern technology.


In any cosmetic service, the procedure performed plays an important role in the success of the surgery. At Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital, all cosmetic services are guaranteed to be performed according to safe procedures, meet inspection standards and receive permits from the Ministry of Health.

All processes are carried out according to the following criteria:


This is a result-oriented criterion, in order to bring customers the most optimal aesthetic results, maintaining a stable effect.

Every customer when coming to Kangnam will be consulted and applied modern aesthetic methods to eliminate maximum appearance defects.

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At Kangnam, besides upholding the criteria of BEAUTY, SAFETY is also a top priority.

Customers when experiencing any cosmetic service will be assured of safety. As a result, after cosmetic surgery, health is stable, minimizing complications or revealing cosmetic traces.


Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital pays special attention to investment and transfer of advanced aesthetic technologies. With the acumen of the team of doctors, combined with modern technology, … will bring the desired aesthetic results.

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In particular, this will help customers own a trendy beauty, leading in the aesthetic trend.

1.4 Advanced technological equipment system

Kangnam is one of the aesthetic facilities fully equipped with medical technology and machinery.

The operating room system and technical technology are received and transferred from prestigious medical units in Germany, the US, Korea, Japan, etc., providing maximum support for doctors and experts for a successful surgery. and ensure safety.

  • Advanced assumption editing technology 4.0

Webinar 4.0 – advanced assumption correction technology, allowing maxillofacial surgery to be performed at the model.

All operations and techniques performed in the maxillofacial region (cutting, grinding, ..) in order to overcome the overbite – underbite, wide jaw, misaligned face, rough face, etc. are displayed on the 3D model.

điều trị da Kangnam

Accordingly, surgical operations from: incision, dissection, cavity creation or jaw bone reduction, etc. will all be simulated in the most realistic and detailed way.

With the adoption of Webinar 4.0 technology for modern Maxillofacial Orthopedics, Kangnam promises to bring customers the most authentic experience.

  • New generation CT Scanner digital X-ray machine

This is the latest device directly imported by Kangnam in the US for general examination. In particular, this X-ray device is also used by major cosmetic hospitals in Korea and the US.

Bệnh viện thẩm mỹ Kangnam đẹp chuẩn Hàn Quốc

  • Vectra XT 3D technology simulates post-cosmetic results

Vectra XT 3D – modern technology in the world capable of simulating post-surgery results.

At Kangnam, this technology will help customers preview the changed image after cosmetic surgery. As a result, customers have the most realistic and objective view before deciding to apply beauty services.

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Every week, at Kangnam, there are internal training sessions, in-depth on essential professional skills such as: first aid, follow-up process – customer care after surgery,. .

Thus, helping staff, specialists as well as Doctor Kangnam improve their knowledge and skills, ready to respond to any situation.

II. Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital – The brand that applies the service warranty policy

In order to affirm the prestige, aesthetic quality, as well as bring the optimal beauty effect to customers, Kangnam always strives and makes daily efforts.

In particular, this is also the first cosmetic address in Vietnam with a warranty for services such as: cosmetic eye, nose, chest, …

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III. Thousands of perfect cosmetic cases at Kangnam Hospital

Up to now, every year Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital has successfully received and performed a series of cosmetic cases. Many cases of customers who changed their appearance at Kangnam had “changed their fortunes”, met with many successes.

In which, there are typical faces such as: singer Duc Phuc, actor Phi Thanh Van, singer Thai Bao Tram, etc. and many other cases of self-deprecating appearance have had a “beauty transformation” color” spectacular.

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Thanks to the application of top-notch plastic surgery technologies, Kangnam has helped many cases “makeover”, bringing about miraculous changes.

All defects from simple to complex in appearance are overcome, providing stable, safe and perfect results.

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khách hàng bvtm kangnam

IV. Kangnam “exclusive” reality TV show about aesthetics

“Beauty change journey” is the first humane free surgery program in Vietnam organized by Kangnam “exclusively”. This is an opportunity to help many candidates have the opportunity to change their appearance, confidently show their talents as well as open a new career.

After 3 years, the program has carried out more than 200 surgeries, 1228 hours of consultation, etc., thereby changing the appearance, opening the dream path for many cases.

From anonymous boys and girls, guilty of their appearance, they have “makeover” and come to a new journey in life with confidence.

Once again, through the “Beauty change journey” – Kangnam has brought a humanistic program for those who are talented but are hindered by their looks. Thereby, helping them to be confident, to win against fate.

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