Plasma eyelids surgery – Create double eyelids naturally

Plasma eyelids surgery – the best method of creating double eyelids today, ensuring fast recovery, no pain, very little swelling. Only 30 minutes of implementation, this method brings optimal results: creating clear double eyelids, removing excess skin, fat bags, natural beautiful eyelids.

I. What is Plasma eyelids surgery?

Plasma eyelid surgery is a minor surgery capable of correcting many eye defects and rejuvenating the eyes. This technology brings great changes to customers after just 1 implementation.

How is this technology implemented?

  • Using a specialized plasma knife to make a super-thin eyelid incision above the eye, remove part of eyelid fat, loose skin,
  • Aesthetically closed stitches, creating sharp eyelid lines
  • Plasma knife has the effect of blocking blood vessel clotting, minimizing bleeding during surgery, so there is almost no blood during surgery.

2. What are the outstanding advantages of Plasma Eyelid Surgery?

✱ Fix many eyelids cases

Korean Plasma eyelid surgery can correct a variety of eye defects, including: single eyelids – lined eyelids – drooping eyelids – puffy eyes.

✱Create beautiful double eyelids – rejuvenate eyes

Plasma eyelid cutting technology combines 3 techniques in 1 method: Double eyelid shaping – Removing excess fat – excess skin. Thanks to this, the sharp eyelid line has a soft curvature to help you look 5-10 years younger.

✱ Less swelling, fast recovery
With the Plasma surgical instrument, the cutting line becomes ultra-thin with absolutely no damage, no invasive intervention. In particular, Plasma has the advantage of instantly locking blood vessels, so the ability to stop bleeding is extremely good.

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The recovery time of Plasma eyelid surgery is shortened to a maximum after only 1 week and the swelling and pain are almost very little.

✱ No scars
The distinct advantage of Plasma eyelid surgery only creates extremely delicate surgical lines. Moreover, the doctor uses a suture technique to hide the incision, so there is no visible scar.

3. Standard plasma eyelid surgery at Kangnam

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital applies eyelid surgery technology transferred directly from Korea, ensuring compliance in 5 steps with strict censorship, ensuring safety by the Ministry of Health..

Implementation: 30 – 45 minutes | Anesthesia | Recovery 7-10 days

*5 standard steps Ministry of Health

Step 1: examination to determine the customer’s current eye condition

Based on that, the doctor will advise you on the most suitable eyelid surgery method.

Step 2: Perform necessary tests to ensure health before surgery

Step 3: Measurement and drawing techniques to ensure the proportion of new eyelid folds is balanced and in harmony with the face

Step 4: Anesthesia – perform surgery – cosmetic stitches

Step 5: Apply ice to reduce swelling

Video of the entire examination procedure – eyelid surgery at Kangnam


With Plasma eyelid surgery technology, after only 30 minutes, you will notice a noticeable change in your eyes.

Especially, thanks to the exquisite precision to each millimeter, the doctors of Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital using the Plasma eyelid surgery method will design for you the “golden ratio” standard eyelid fold that is in harmony with each face of customer.

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6. Price of plasma eyelids surgery in Kangnam

1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

No Service Price
1 Korean Plasma Eyelid Surgery 9.000.000 Vnđ
2 Endoscopic eyelid fat removal 7.000.000 Vnđ
3 Create inner/outer corners (big eyes) 7.000.000 Vnđ
4 + Extra package – Support for quick healing 3.000.000 Vnđ

In addition, if you encounter more complicated conditions such as: too much fat, too much loose skin, heavy drooping eyelids, you need to perform some other techniques and have an accompanying cost.

🎁Giving away 20 special offers for overseas Vietnamese returning home for plastic surgery:

✦Off 30% Plasma eyelid surgery – only 6,300,000 VND

✦Off 40%: remove eyelid fat or create inner/outer corners when accompanied by eyelid surgery

✦Off 40% Extra package to support healing

7. How long does plasma eyelids surgery last?

Plasma eyelid surgery can maintain stable eyelid folds for many years. However, the exact time this technology will bring will depend on the following factors:

  • Each person’s body
  • The rate of aging
  • Doctor’s skill
  • Post-surgery care

At Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital, we guarantee eyelid folds for up to 10 years for customers. In particular, with a team of experienced plastic surgeons, Kangnam is committed to bringing beautiful eyelid surgery results, maintaining beautiful results over time.

✰ Conclusion: Above are detailed information about Plasma eyelid surgery service in Kangnam. For all questions, please contact 0019099998070 for the fastest support.

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