Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery – Solution to own perfect double eyelids

Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery is an exclusive, Korean standard cosmetic eye surgery technology at Kangnam Hospital with many outstanding features such as: preview of editing results, painless – no scars, luxury resort package… Package price for the service service is 29,000,000 VND.

I- What is Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery?

Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery was transferred from Korea by Kangnam Cosmetic Hospital in July 2022. Technology has brought a “new breeze” to help beauty believers own sharp, beautiful double eyelids. without suffering.

1- Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery technology

Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery is carried out with a combination of many modern techniques, increasing the customer experience and providing the highest level of satisfaction.

  • Preview results with 3D Face Design

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital is a pioneer in the market when applying 3D Face Design to eyelid surgery.

3D Face Design software allows to simulate facial contours after editing to help customers easily visualize the aesthetic results. You will not have to worry about your eyes being “stiff” or unnatural.

Simulated 3D images have high realism, similar to 99% of postoperative results, so customers can rest assured when performing.

  • Directly performed by Deputy Doctor/Dean of the Department

Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery will be directly in charge of the most experienced doctors at the hospital. They are very knowledgeable about new technology and proficient in all surgical operations, very good risk response ability.

Thanks to the “golden hands” of the Deputy / Head of the Department of ophthalmology, the techniques of making incisions, removing fat tissue, shaping eyelid folds… are all performed accurately. The doctor will keep the invasive area to a minimum.

When the customer comes to visit, the doctor analyzes each case in detail and offers the most appropriate solution to completely improve the condition of the misaligned eyelids, single eyelids, damaged eyelids due to trauma…

Cắt mí Perfect Eyes là gì

  • Standard emotionless technique

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital deploys an exclusive numbing technique for Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery, customers absolutely do not feel pain, soreness, discomfort…

The incision is made by plasma beam – blocking blood vessel coagulation, sterilization, anti-swelling. The thread used is a microsurgical nanoform with high biocompatibility.

Customers after finishing eyelid correction will feel light, eyes are not too tight and painful like traditional techniques.

  • Premium post-operative care package

The special benefits of customers when performing Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery at Kangnam Hospital are:

  • Prescriptions to speed up recovery: anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling…
  • 02 vouchers for free meals at the hospital.
  • Donate eye bags to help reduce edema.
  • There is a separate operating room.
  • Be proactive to book an appointment 24 hours in advance.
Mí mắt hồi phục cực nhanh sau cắt mí Perfect Eyes

2- Advantages of Perfect Eyes technology

From the outstanding improvement of Perfect Eyes technology, the special advantages are:

  • Double eyelid shaping without swelling, no scars, no pain.
  • Rapid recovery within 3-5 days, no complications later.
  • Preview the 3D results to facilitate editing, ensuring the eyelid crease is in harmony with the face.
  • Overcome all defects on the eyes, bringing 360-degree beauty.
  • Customers are taken care of with world-class service.

Cắt mí Perfect Eyes có nhiều điểm vượt trội

II- How long does Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery last?

After Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery, customers can maintain the results for  10-15 years depending on location and care. The time can last up to 20 years if you follow a reasonable lifestyle, diet, skincare…

Until the age of aging, the eyelash folds may be low, but still retain clear lines, without too much excess fat.

III- Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery for whom?

Experts identify suitable subjects to perform Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery are:

  • People over 18 years old.
  • Loose eyelids, lining eyelids, excess fat, signs of aging appear.
  • Single eyelid eyes, eyelids are not clear or too many eyelids.
  • Have had eyelid surgery but broken or deviated, asymmetrical.
  • People who want to experience high-class, 5* quality eyelid surgery.
  • Want to own long-lasting beautiful double eyelids.

IV- Price of Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery in Kangnam

At Kangnam Hospital, Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery has a package price of  29,000,000 with high quality standards, good service experience.

(1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

When registering for the Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery service, customers are suggested to choose the best surgeon in their specialty, and at the same time, apply the best technology – technique, and 5-star resort care.

According to estimates, the total actual service value received by customers is up to  48,700,000. This will definitely be a “super bargain” beauty option for you.

In addition, Kangnam also regularly applies attractive promotions with a discount of 10-20%, so customers should take advantage of the holidays and New Year to seize the lucky opportunity for themselves.

V- Warranty period when cutting eyelids Perfect Eyes

Kangnam BV is committed to perfect eye aesthetics with a long-term warranty package, up to  20 years.

Customers also enjoy the policy of free re-examination after 5 days – 1 month – 3 months – 6 months and have a 24/7 online care and consultation team.

During the postoperative period, you can be completely assured of your health as well as the shape of your eyelids, without worrying about bad complications.

However, customers are only warranted when:

  • Damaged eyelids due to the error of the surgeon.
  • It is difficult for customers to heal quickly.
  • The client is allergic to nano sutures.
  • Warranty card intact, owned by the owner.

Khách hàng cắt mí chuẩn đẹp, bảo hành dài lâu

What is Perfect Eyes eyelid surgery? The answer has been fully answered by Kangnam, helping you to grasp the overview of the latest eyelid correction technology today. Prepare your health and mentality to perform a safe and effective double eyelid surgery.

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