6D Touchless Breast Augmentation

I- What is 6D Touchless Breast Augmentation?

What is 6D Touchless Breast Augmentation? Touchless 6D breast augmentation is an exclusive technology from Korea that is exclusively transferred by Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital.

This is a modern breast augmentation technology, using the technique of quickly inserting the breast implants into the cavity with a dedicated funnel. Thereby, reducing the friction between the breast implant and the incision, avoiding injury, pain, and bleeding, ensuring safety during surgery.

1- What breast implants 6D without touching?

No-touch 6D breast augmentation using high-quality Motiva breast implants, this is an internationally famous US-based breast implant company with exclusive breast implant manufacturing technology.

Motiva breast implants are the most popular brand today, improving all the limitations of previous breast implants. Motiva breast implant is a silicone gel bag, has a flat round shape and brings natural softness to the breast.

Nâng ngực 6D không chạm sử dụng túi ngực Motiva cao cấp

Touchless 6D breast augmentation using high-end Motiva breast implants

2- Advantages of 6D non-touch breast augmentation

Here are some outstanding advantages of 6D touchless breast augmentation technology, highly appreciated by many surgeons and specialists:

  • Non-touch, painless technique: Using a specialized funnel to place the breast implant into the cavity quickly, minimizing damage, limiting invasiveness. Combined with micro-surgery to minimize pain.
  • Using a quality Motiva implants: with a rough surface of 49 thousand contacts and a sturdy construction of 3-4 shells, offers high adhesion and 100% biocompatibility.
  • Safe for the body: high-quality Motiva implants help minimize capsular ligation, ensuring safety when used.
  • High efficiency: design the desired breast shape for the customer according to the standard of body proportion, creating a natural breast feeling like never having had surgery. Customers can freely move during use without worrying about impacts or complications.

Ưu điểm nâng ngực 6D không chạm cho kết quả ngực tự nhiên như chưa phẫu thuật

Advantages of 6D non-touch breast augmentation for natural breast results like no surgery

II- There is nothing outstanding about 6D breast augmentation without touching

The most prominent feature of 6D breast augmentation technology is probably focused mainly on technical aspects, in order to give customers a feeling of lightness, smoothness, no pain and limited invasiveness. Effectively overcome the defects of the first round such as: flat breasts, sagging breasts, unbalanced breasts, … bring the first bust to bloom, seductive and sexy quickly.

In addition, 6D breast augmentation also has many differences and improvements compared to the old technologies expressed through factors such as:

1- Korea’s advanced 6D touchless technology

By now you must have understood what is 6D breast augmentation without touching right? This is one of the most modern breast augmentation cosmetic technologies from Korea, which is thoroughly researched by many leading doctors and experts before being applied.

Korea is the “cradle” of the cosmetic industry, in order to come up with a new method of plastic surgery, experts and doctors have had to accumulate experience for many years. At the same time, from the limitations of old technologies to improve and develop the most perfect new technology, 6D breast augmentation is also one of them. This is the most comprehensive breast augmentation solution, overcoming all limitations of old technologies, helping customers to have no pain and quick recovery when breast augmentation.

Túi Motiva là dạng gel, có hình tròn dẹp và độ mềm mại tự nhiên

Touchless 6D breast augmentation is the leading solution in Korea

2- Funnel for placing chest bags to avoid collisions

Compared to manually placing the bag directly into the customer’s chest cavity, the use of a specialized funnel in 6D breast augmentation technology offers more outstanding advantages.

Using a breast implant funnel will minimize the condition of the capsule and limit the invasion, creating the smallest surgical incision possible. When the surgical scar length is reduced, it also supports the faster post-operative recovery process, leaving no traces of surgery.

3- Endoscopic technique to create a cavity to place Dry Pocket bags

Laparoscopic technique to place Dry Pocket bags is a space dissection technique to put the breast bags into the cavity gently, without causing bleeding, ensuring safety during surgery and faster recovery time.

4- Ultra-thin microsurgery to limit scarring

Touchless 6D breast augmentation technology uses microsurgical sutures to create a super-thin mouth, 3 times faster recovery time than conventional threads. Customers do not need to change the suture dressing and have an easier post-operative care process, while minimizing the risk of scarring or surgical marks.

Đường chỉ vi phẫu siêu mảnh hồi phục nhanh gấp 3 lần

Ultra-thin microsurgical sutures heal 3 times faster

5- Using Plasma scalpel to block blood vessel coagulation

Using a Plasma knife is considered the best solution, because the Plasma knife has a smart transducer device, integrated with an electronic microscope to accurately affect the desired location, limiting encroachment on areas. surrounding skin.

Besides, the Plasma scalpel has the ability to block blood vessels, almost without causing bleeding during surgery, leaving no dark underarms.

6- Vectra technology previews results

This is one of the technologies applied to 6D breast augmentation that is loved by many customers. With Vectra 3D, customers can preview the results, visualize the breast shape after the surgery.

In addition, Vectra 3D also helps surgeons choose the right bag size for the customer, without having to manually estimate and calculate as before.

Nâng ngực 6D không chạm là gì mà được nhiều bác sĩ khuyến khích đế vậy?

What is 6D touchless breast augmentation that is recommended by many doctors?

III- Comparison of touchless 6D breast augmentation with old technology

Follow the comparison table between 6D touchless technology and 4D breast augmentation technology at  Kangnam  to see the improvement:

CRITERIA 4D breast augmentation 6D breast augmentation
Technique – Placement of breast implants by laparoscopic surgery – Place the breast implant with a dedicated funnel, providing quick, accurate results and maximum friction
Technology – Using a plasma scalpel to block blood vessel coagulation, limiting invasiveness.

– Medical technology Dry Pocket, dissection chest cavity without bleeding

– Using a plasma scalpel to block blood vessel coagulation, limiting invasiveness.

– Cold plasma irradiation reduces swelling after surgery, helping customers recover quickly.

– Vectra 3D technology previews the results, helping the doctor choose the correct breast size.

Aesthetic effect – The chest is round, full, well overcome the defects of the first round such as flat chest, asymmetrical chest, …. – Standard chest with the golden ratio to the body, firm and natural breasts like never having surgery.

– Overcome all defects in the first round such as: sagging breasts, flat breasts, asymmetrical breasts, even for previous failed surgery.

Insurance Lifetime warranty Lifetime warranty
Accompanied service – Specific drug package: antibiotic, reduce swelling, anti-inflammatory.

– Give food vouchers at the hospital.

– Rest 1 day before surgery and 2 days after surgery.

– Surgeons over 15 years of operation, ensuring no scars.

– Premium drug package: antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever.

– Gift vouchers for hospital meals.

– Scar-fading treatment package, including patches and modern scar-fading technology.

– Rest 2 days before surgery and 3 days and 2 nights after surgery.

IV- Warranty period for touchless 6D breast augmentation at Kangnam

Customers who have 6D breast augmentation without touching at  Kangnam Plastic Surgery Hospital  will enjoy the best warranty available today. Kangnam applies a double warranty mechanism, customers are both guaranteed by Motiva bag brand globally and by Kangnam’s lifetime warranty, in order to maintain long-term aesthetic effects.

In addition, breast augmentation customers at  Kangnam  will enjoy 5-star high-class care services. Ensuring a safe surgical process even before and after the procedure, helping customers get a full and attractive bust without having to worry about any problems such as pain, bleeding or complications. It is known as the number 1 modern breast augmentation technology today.
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Dáng ngực cân đối với tạng người của từng khách hàng
IV- Price list of 6D breast augmentation without touching:

(1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

You can refer to the detailed price list of breast augmentation services at  Kangnam  to have a choice that suits your needs and finances:

Services Price (VND)
Touchless 6D breast augmentation 79 000 000
Touchless 6D breast augmentation VIP 109 000 000
Nano Motiva Implants (Chip) + Add 10 000 000
Nano Motiva Implants(Flexible chip) + Add 18 000 000

The article has helped you answer the question  What is 6D non-touch breast augmentation. Hope to help you understand the outstanding advantages of the new 6D breast augmentation technology. This is a safe, effective solution to improve the first round, and overcomes all limitations from old technologies, ensuring the maintenance of natural and durable breasts over time without any complications.

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