K-Nature 4D Breast Lift– Create a sexy bust

K-Nature 4D is currently the most advanced first-round cosmetic technology in Korea, helping to completely overcome first-round defects after only 60-90 minutes, bringing sexy breasts, standard Asian women’s bust ratio. . This technology is transferred and applied exclusively at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital.

1. What is K-Nature 4D Breast Lift?

K-NATURE 4D breast augmentation is the most modern breast augmentation technology in Korea, applied exclusively at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital.

Using the Dry Pocket technique – a non-bleeding chest cavity dissection is performed through the armpit.

Allows the use of a variety of implant lines depending on the location and needs of each customer, including: nano bags, nano chips, flexible nano chips.

High-quality breast implants with high adhesion, natural movement in the chest cavity, creating a full, soft breast shape, creating a natural Y-line slot.

2. Outstanding advantages of K-Nature 4D breast augmentation?

✔ Dissection, creating a cavity without bleeding

Dry Pocket technique – dissecting the chest cavity without bleeding, directly monitoring the dissection space through full HD endoscopic equipment, putting the implant in the right position, no fibrous capsule, pain relief, fast recovery.

✔ Preview surgery results

Allows previewing surgical results by 3D vector machine with accuracy up to 98.5%, easy to choose the size of the implant in harmony with the desired breast ratio of each customer.

✔ Multi-dimensional shape change

The standard breast shape design is proportional, balanced, commensurate with the proportions of the Asian woman’s body, flexibly changing according to body movements, round when lying down, teardrops when standing.

✔ Soft and preserving the feeling

With Motiva’s premium line of implants, the super-soft, super-adhesive 100% gel texture provides a soft, natural feel like real breasts.

The technique of placing the bag under the large pectoral muscle, ensures the position of the bag, does not move, prevents capsular contracture, and does not affect the mammary gland tissue, keeping the feeling intact.

3. Standard K-Nature 4D breast augmentation procedure at Kangnam

* Standard breast augmentation procedure of the Ministry of Health

Surgery time: 60 – 90 minutes | Anesthesia | Recovery 7-10 days

At Kangnam, K-Nature 4D breast augmentation is performed according to the standard procedure of the Ministry of Health, committed to absolute safety.

  • Step 1: Consultation, examination and health check
  • Step 2: Measure and draw, determine the location of the bag
  • Step 3: Dissection to create the chest cavity and place the implant
  • Step 4: Post-operative care
  • Step 5: Re-examination

* Recovery time after breast augmentation

Normally, in the first 3 days after surgery, the breasts is slightly tight, slightly swollen. After about 7-10 days, this condition will improve significantly, the incision has healed.

After 1-2 months, the breasts are stable and the implant is fixed, better adapting to the chest cavity. You should maintain to wear a shaper shirt to make your bust form full and create a more perfect y-line slot.

Nâng ngực K-Nature 4D sau 1 ngày

4. Real customer images who have done K-Nature 4D Breast Lift

K-Nature 4D breast augmentation has been chosen by many customers to perform, providing optimal results with full, soft breasts

>>> Actress Bao Tien’s breast augmentation journey <<<

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5. K-Nature 4D breast augmentation package price

Below is a table of the full cost of breast augmentation at Kangnam including: examination, consultation, health check, surgery, postoperative care 2 days 1 night and periodic re-examination.

1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

Services Price
K-Nature 4D breast augmentation 69 000 000
6D breast augmentation 79 000 000
Nano Motiva Implants (Chip) + Add 10 million VND
Nano Motiva Implants(Flexible chip) + Add 18 million VND


6. Why choose breast augmentation at Kangnam?

The first specialized cosmetic body shape specialist in Vietnam with the support of machines, advanced technology, doctors trained for many years abroad, bringing domestic and foreign customers the most peace of mind when doing services.

Body cosmetic specialist cooperates with the Korean Cosmetic Association, exclusively transferring the most advanced cosmetic technology from Korea.

Modern, medical-standard facilities: The operating room system ensures sterility, advanced equipment and a comfortable post-operative room, making you feel at home.

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital claims to be the number 1 cosmetic facility in Vietnam, a trusted address chosen by many famous people and foreigners!

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