Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery- Solution for square jaw

Jaw reduction surgery is an orthopedic method to correct defects in the jawbone area, creating a slim, harmonious and balanced face. The condition of the jaw is square, big, narrow, rough, … can completely change into a standard Korean V-line face shape after only 120 minutes of implementation. Fast recovery time, long-term stable results, V line jaw reduction is the most optimal solution for customers.

1. What is Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery?

Vline 3D jaw reduction or V line 3D jaw reduction is a surgical intervention in the jawbone area to remove the rough bone (the cause of the square and unbalanced face) to create a slim face shape, in harmony with the standard V line.

2. Create a slim face shape

Vline 3D jaw surgery with Korean technology at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital has the ability to correct the face, completely overcome the defects of the rough face, horizontal chin, …

*Create a balanced, slim V-Line face

  • When looking straight: the face is V-shaped, the chin is downward, the length from the lower lip to the chin is 1/3 of the length of the face.
  • When looking at the side: The tip of the chin, lips, and top of the nose form a straight line
  • Chin – slim jawline, not angular, in balance with the overall face

* CT Scanner helps to accurately identify every millimeter of bone tissue to be removed

With a CT Scanner, 3D software will help you predict the shape of your face after cosmetic surgery. Thanks to that, doctors can easily observe the jawbone structure, cheekbones that need to be corrected and help customers get a beautiful, harmonious, comprehensive V-line face, precise surgery to every millimeter.

*Precise, non-invasive, scar-free surgery

+ Precise surgery with incisions in the oral cavity
+ Beautiful natural jawline after 2-3 weeks, no scars from surgery

3. How does 3D Vline jaw reduction surgery technique work?

* Before surgery

Before the doctor prescribes jaw bone reduction surgery, the customer needs to go through some of the following steps:

  • Examination:  the doctor does a general examination, preliminary assessment of the jaw condition, defects that need correction and advice on the application method.
  • Health check:  Next, the customer is carried out by medical staff to perform some necessary tests to determine health: blood pressure measurement, urine test, blood test, …
  • Do drug reaction test:   Drugs used during surgery will be tested to react with the body to ensure high safety for customers.

* Surgery proccess

  • Make a small, short incision: The doctor uses a specialized instrument to make an incision through the mucosa of the mandibular vestibular recess. The position of the incision inside the oral cavity helps the best scar.
  • In the area where the empty space was dissected to reveal the angle of the jaw bone on both sides, the doctor removed the identified part of the jawbone
  • Finally, the doctor closes the incision and applies pressure to fix it.

* Recovery process

Normally, the recovery time of customers after jaw reduction is divided into the following stages:

  • Rest in hospital: up to 2 days or more if there are any health abnormalities that need to be monitored.
  • Rest at home: limit exercise, rest for 7-10 days.
  • Period of re-examination: periodically at the milestones of 1 month / 3 months / 6 months

4. Real customer images who have done Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery

How does the customer change after Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery? Follow the before and after pictures to create a slim, beautiful face right below.



5.Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery Price at Kangnam

Integrating outstanding advantages, bringing a beautiful face to the Vline standard, the cost of jaw reduction is a concern of many women.

Currently, the cost of 3D V line jaw reduction in Kangnam is  70 million VND, this is the package cost, including all examination and consultation services. Therefore, the customer will not have to pay any additional fees.

This price has been calculated to be balanced, in line with the average income in Vietnam, so there is not too much difference compared to other cosmetic facilities.

6. Why choose Kangnam for Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery?

  • The leading Korean standard cosmetic hospital in Vietnam

Kangnam is the pioneer unit for the development of the Korean standard cosmetic hospital system in our country. For the first time, a qualified Vietnamese cosmetic hospital was selected for cooperation by the Korean Cosmetic Association.

With many years of establishment and development, Kangnam Hospital always gives customers high quality cosmetic services.

Here, there are specialized cosmetic specialties licensed by the Ministry of Health to operate with a wide range: rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, jaw reduction, ….

  • Leading in applying the world’s advanced aesthetic technology

With the advantage of in-depth cooperation with the Korean Cosmetic Association, all the world’s advanced cosmetic technologies are transferred quickly and accurately by the leading professors and experts in Korea.

Besides, infrastructure is focused on investment. Each service has a dedicated performance room, ensuring medical standards: cleanliness, sterility.

  • Modern equipment system

Kangnam is the leading facility in the application of facial cosmetic technology 4.0 that allows previewing results with 3D simulation systems such as: Vectra XT 3D allows previewing results with CT – Scaner system to control operations The surgery ensures that the surgery is performed with high precision and the desired cosmetic results.

In addition, endoscopic techniques are applied in jaw reduction surgery to ensure that each operation is performed accurately for high efficiency after maxillofacial plastic surgery.

  • Medical team specializing in maxillofacial orthopedic

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital is committed to 100% of highly qualified doctors, responsible for specialized functions, not allowed to perform services beyond the scope of operations.

Not only having many years of working experience in the field of plastic surgery, doctors at Kangnam are always trained in professional knowledge and trained annually at home and abroad.

  • Careful post-operative care

After Vline 3D jaw reduction surgery, the customer stays in hospital for 1-2 days for stable health. In these days, customers are carefully examined and monitored by a maxillofacial specialist.

Besides, outside the postoperative room, there are always medical staff on duty 24/24 to best serve customers.

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