3D cheekbone reduction – slim face after 120 minutes

Cheek reduction surgery is the optimal solution to help overcome high cheekbones, bringing a balanced, youthful face. Cheek reduction technique at Kangnam uses an ultrasonic bone cutter with absolute precision, commitment to safety and the most perfect aesthetic results.

1.What is cheekbone reduction?

3D cheekbone reduction is a method of direct cheekbone intervention, using an ultrasonic bone cutter to trim the protruding cheekbones. Depending on the case, the cheekbones will be lowered in the range of 0.5-2 cm, creating balance and harmony for the overall face.

2. What’s different about 3D cheekbone reduction surgery in Kangnam?

1.1Absolutely safe

Before surgery to lower the cheekbones, the doctor will conduct an examination and predict the post-operative results using Vectra 3D equipment and CT Scan. These assistive devices help determine exactly how much impact is needed on the cheekbones.

In addition, cheekbone reduction surgery only affects the cortical bone, so it certainly does not cause any complications after surgery.

1.2 The surgical process takes place quickly

Before surgery, doctors will rely on 4-dimensional tomography images to capture the facial structure, ensuring absolute precision orthopedics.

The doctor will use an ultrasonic bone cutter to remove the cheekbone arch, lowering it in proportion to the previous ratio. In less than 120 minutes, the customer already owns well-balanced cheeks, in harmony with the face

1.3 Stable results, maintain forever

Using endoscopic equipment, the incision is located in the lower lip mucosa, leaving no scars. At the same time, the bone is directly sharpened, so it cannot grow further, providing stable and permanent results.

3. 3D cheekbone reduction procedure at Kangnam

* Complete 6 standard steps:

At Kangnam Hospital, 3D cheekbone reduction surgery complies with surgical technology in Korea, in accordance with the process standards of the Ministry of Health, meeting the requirements of safety, commitment to aesthetic effectiveness.
The cheekbone reduction procedure is performed according to the following steps:

Step 1. The doctor examines to determine the condition of high cheekbones and basic calculations before performing.

Step 2.  Checking general health, testing, ultrasound and imaging bone structure with CT Scanner device.

Step 3. The doctor uses a specialized 3D Vectra XT rendering device to simulate the result of cheekbone reduction before performing.

Step 4. Sterile cleaning and anesthetic anesthesia.

Step 5. L-shaped ultrasonic bone cutter is used with the support of specialized endoscope equipment, performing cheekbone reduction from inside the oral cavity.

*Recovery time

The minimum time you must stay in the Hospital is 1 day so that the doctor can monitor your reactions and control problems that arise after surgery. You are allowed to leave after the doctor conducts an examination and concludes that your condition is stable.

In about 7-10 days, you will have a follow-up appointment with your doctor. Doctors encourage you to have regular check-ups (1 time / month) for at least the first 3 months.

4. Real customer images who have done 3D cheekbone reduction

5. 3D cheekbone reduction price

At Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital, the cheekbone reduction service has the original price of  70 million, after the promotion, it is only from  52.5 million. This is a package cost that includes all fees from examination, health check, surgery to post-operative care, periodic re-examination.

1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

The hospital commits to no additional fees, the above prices are applicable to all hospital branches across the country. In particular, the lifetime warranty benefit for customers with cheekbone reduction is only available at KangnamHospital.

6. Why choose Kangnam for cheekbone reduction price ?

If you want to lower your cheekbones with beautiful results, it must be done at a reputable cosmetic facility. Only large cosmetic hospitals are eligible and licensed to perform cheekbone reduction surgery according to the circular on the scope of cosmetic activities of the Ministry of Health.

Kangnam Plastic Surgery Hospital owns the largest maxillofacial specialty in the country

Specializing in maxillofacial orthodontics, Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital with 11 years of establishment and development, is proud to always be the pioneer in the application of the world’s advanced maxillofacial cosmetic technologies.

The team of doctors is well-trained, 100% of the doctors are members of the Korean cosmetic association

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital claims to be the number 1 cosmetic facility in Vietnam, a trusted address chosen by many famous people and Vietnamese customers returning home, especially choosing to perform cheekbone reduction!

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