Thermage FLX Skin Rejuvenation Technology – Non-surgical Wrinkle Lifting

Thermage FLX is the most advanced skin rejuvenation method available today from the leading Thermage technology company from the US. This is a famous technology company with equipment and modern skin rejuvenation techniques that have undergone many quality and safety tests by the US FDA.

I/ What is Thermage FLX technology?

Thermage FLX is the most advanced skin rejuvenation method available today from the leading Thermage technology company from the US. This is a famous technology company with equipment and modern skin rejuvenation techniques that have undergone many quality and safety tests by the US FDA.
Retaining youth without surgery, without pain, Thermage FLX is the perfect choice for customers. Special attention and priority is given to female customers.

Thermage FLX trẻ hóa tức thì

1. Advantages of Thermage FLX Skin Rejuvenation compared to Thermage CPT

Thermage FLX is the latest generation of skin rejuvenation technology from Thermage. Great improvement from the old Thermage CPT technology with outstanding advantages

* Stimulates collagen production 2 times

Thermage FLX uses RF (Radio Frequency) wave energy to help spread heat evenly, impacting deep into the dermis and dermis (the area with the most collagen concentration). Thereby improving the efficiency of collagen stimulation 2 times.

* Advanced skin rejuvenation results

With just 1 application, the customer’s skin condition will be much improved

– Lifting sagging muscles, tightening loose skin. Reduce double chin

– Remove small, shallow wrinkles. Fades crow’s feet

– Regenerates fresh, rosy skin by stimulating collagen production

* Shorten the execution time by 2 times

Thermage FLX uses a 4.0 cm² Tip Total to shorten the number of therapeutic shots on the skin. Customers will have youthful, rosy and shiny skin after only 60 minutes of implementation. 2 times faster than the old technology is 90 – 120 minutes

2. Thermage FLX skin rejuvenation technology’s mechanism of action

During treatment, the wavefront of Thermage FLX emits monopolar RF capacitive radiofrequency waves that directly impact the epidermis, dermis and tissues over a large area, producing energy.

High-powered electromagnetic wave energy penetrates the skin, when the heat reaches 55 degrees Celsius, it will be able to destroy old collagen and stimulate new collagen growth. At the same time, it will help the treatment area be firmed immediately thanks to the improvement of the structure, regenerating the outer youthful skin.

WATCH NOW: Thermage FLX skin rejuvenation process at Kangnam

In addition, when performing Thermage FLX, there will be a feeling of deep warmth, which is a sign that the subcutaneous epidermis has effectively received RF heat.
However, the skin on the surface when in contact with the wavefront is not damaged because it uses Cryogen continuously cooled liquefied gas, so it can protect the skin surface from damage, without burning phenomenon. , pain during treatment

II/ Thermage for which area? Who is suitable for?

Thermage FLX is currently a non-invasive comprehensive rejuvenation method – safe for customers’ health, so it is suitable for many subjects: both men and women when mild to severe aging occurs.

According to the rejuvenation expert of Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital, Thermage FLX technology is suitable for many areas of aging and sagging skin on the human body. As follows:


  • Remove double chin, stretch with wrinkled, sagging skin
  • Restoring the jaw muscle contour, regaining a slim face like a twenties.
  • Tighten muscle bundles, minimize the possibility of muscle slack due to aging
  • Raise eyebrows, fix wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, crow’s feet

trẻ hóa da thermage


  • Stimulates the breakdown of excess fat that causes sagging
  • Stretches muscle bundles and loose skin back to smooth and elastic.

✓ Arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, thighs:

  • Improves fat areas caused by aging.
  • Natural collagen proliferative effect for comprehensive skin rejuvenation.
  • Helps fade stretch marks, dark spots, age spots.

III/ Real customer images who have done Thermage FLX

More than 5,000 customers both at home and abroad have chosen Thermage FLX technology and are absolutely satisfied with the results when using the service at Kangnam.

thermage flx

công nghệ trẻ hóa da thermage

thermage là gì

IV/ How much does Thermage FLX skin rejuvenation at Kangnam cost?

Currently, Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital has a detailed price list of skin rejuvenation services with Thermange FLX technology for customers to easily monitor and have a choice and prepare costs in advance.

(1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

No Service Original price
1 Thermage FLX for full face 100.000.000 vnđ
2 Thermage FLX for eyes 50.000.000 vnđ
3 Thermage FLX for thighs, belly 120.000.000 vnđ

Note: The above cost includes the doctor’s examination, consultation and home care instructions. Customers do not need to pay any other fees.

Special: Exclusive offer for overseas Vietnamese to come home to beauty

50% off Thermage FLX full face: The package is only VND 50,000,000

V/ Benefits of customers when treated with Thermage FLX in Kangnam

Modern Thermage FLX skin rejuvenation technology is only used at prestigious and large-scale cosmetic facilities such as Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital.

The cost of importing equipment is quite high and the technique of using it is quite high, so it is difficult for small beauty salons to put the technology into use for customers.

At less-than-reputable beauty parlors, spontaneous activities mainly import fake machines and fake goods with the same name as Thermage FLX to “deceive” customers. This means that the price is also cheaper and the quality is not guaranteed, so customers should consider it when choosing

Customers who choose Kangnam’s rejuvenation service will receive the following EXCLUSIVES:

❉ Genuine Thermage FLX equipment imported from abroad, customers can check the number of pulses on the chassis.

❉ Directly examined and treated by the leading rejuvenation specialist Kangnam.

❉ The rejuvenation process is licensed and tested for safety by the Ministry of Health.

❉ After the treatment, the customer is guided on how to take care of themselves at home

❉ System of spacious and modern facilities, meeting sterile – safe conditions from the Ministry of Health.

✰ Conclusion: Above are detailed information about Thermage FLX  Skin Rejuvenation service in Kangnam. If you still have questions to answer, please leave your phone number or contact the hotline 0019099998070 for the fastest support and advice.

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