Mi Young thread lift – Gentle skin rejuvenation, non-surgical

Skin lift with Mi Young thread is a method of skin rejuvenation, removing wrinkles, smile lines.. helping customers to instantly regain their spring after only 45 minutes at Kangnam. No surgery, no convalescence, no bad scars are the points that make many customers choose the service.

1/ What is Mi Young thread lift?

Mi Young thread lift is the most advanced, non-surgical skin rejuvenation method. This method uses specialized threads to stretch the muscles under the skin, overcoming aging conditions: sagging, wrinkles, smile lines…

The doctor will use a special medical thread, thread the thread under the skin through specialized needles. The threads, after being inserted, will be hooked together, spreading to all sides to form a support to stretch the sagging skin, eliminate wrinkles and laugh

The doctor will perform gently and the needles are very small, so after performing Mi Young Thread Stretch, customers can rest assured that they will not leave scars or reveal any cosmetic traces. Before the thread tension is performed, the client will also be anesthetized so they will not feel any pain.

2/ Special effects after Mi Young Thread Lift

By applying the latest Mi Young Thread Stretching technology from Korea, Korean professor and doctor Dr. Hwang directly trains and trains, transfers technology, Kangnam ensures outstanding rejuvenation results after only 1 time.

  • Remove fine lines to deep wrinkles in the forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds
  • Overcoming sagging facial skin, helping skin to be firm, shiny and visibly lifting
  • Stimulates natural collagen production from within to help regenerate skin that is tight, smooth and beautiful for a long time. Unlike other threads and stretching methods on the market, there is no ability to regenerate collagen by itself. Normally, facelift will last about 3-5 years (longer if good care and regular check-ups).

3/ Outstanding point of Mi Young Thread Stretcher in Kangnam

At Kangnam, customers will not have to worry about efficiency and safety because of the outstanding advantages of Mi Young Thread Lift technology:

3.1 Using Korean high-grade thread

Kangnam uses the exclusive Mi Young thread with 6D structure – the most advanced thread from Korea, meeting the standards of the Ministry of Health, the US KFDA.

The thread has the characteristic of being soft, not stiff and uncomfortable, and is almost completely compatible with the body. In addition, only the ability to regenerate collagen itself brings a long-term rejuvenation effect that is different from other types.

3.2 Directly consulted and performed by Korean doctors

A team of skilled doctors with 10-30 years of experience. With the Mi Young skin tightening method, you will be directly performed by the Korean Rejuvenation Master – Professor, Dr. Hwang, so you can be assured of its safety and effectiveness.

ưu điểm phương pháp

3.3 Limit swelling, pain, no bruising

Kangnam uses a super-small Nano needle to put the thread under the skin, minimizing damage, causing pain and bruising.

3.4 No need to rest, recover immediately

After performing Mi Young Thread Stretching, the customer rests for 1-2 hours at the hospital and returns the same day. Personal activities performed normally without taking a long time to rest.

3.5 Natural beautiful young face, leaving no scars

The reason why the face leaves scars and the effect is not long-term is due to poor doctors’ skills and unreliable facilities. At Kangnam, it only takes 7 days for customers to have a natural face without revealing any cosmetic traces.

4/ Mi Young thread lift procedure at Kangnam

At Kangnam, the thread lifting process is performed methodically, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health to ensure safety and satisfactory results during the implementation process.

* Complete 6 standard steps:

quy trình căng da

Step 1: examine and discuss your needs and skin condition  >> based on that, the doctor will advise you on a suitable and effective skin tightening regimen

Step 2: Perform necessary tests to ensure your health before doing it

Step 3:  Clean the skin & conduct technical measurements on the skin to determine the correct direction of the thread, ensuring the effectiveness for the case of Thread Tension

Step 4:   Anesthesia (or anesthesia) helps the client not to feel discomfort and pain.

Step 5: Perform thread tension – End of shift

Step 6: Instructions to take care, advise customers to re-examine after implementation

After skin thread lift, customers can rest at the hospital for about 1-2 hours (depending on health) and then leave immediately. Follow-up after 2 weeks – 1 month

5/ Before-after photos

More than 10,000 Vietnamese and foreign customers have performed Mi Young Skin Lifting at Kangnam and are extremely satisfied with the results. An excellent rejuvenation, unexpected change after only 45 – 60 implementation. Let’s take a look at the actual pictures!

6/ Cost of skin lift with Mi Young thread

The original cost of skin tightening with Mi Young thread package is:  43 – 56 million  for the whole face. Depending on the skin condition and the degree of aging, the doctor will choose the method that best suits the customer in terms of effectiveness and cost!

🎁Giving away 19 special offers for overseas Vietnamese returning home for cosmetology:

✦ 35% off Mi Young thread lift (mild aging) – 43 million to only 27.95 million

✦ 35% off Mi Young Plus thread lift – 56 million only 36.40 million

Hotline contact:  0019099998070 – call now for a free consultation support staff!

7/ Why is Kangnam the best choice for thread tensioning in Vietnam?

Rejuvenating threads to have beautiful and safe results must be performed at a reputable cosmetic hospital and facility and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Rejuvenation specialist in Kangnam with advanced machines and technology, directly performed by doctors from Korea and many years of practice abroad, gives domestic and foreign customers peace of mind. when doing service.

Modern facilities, meeting medical standards: The operating room system ensures sterility, advanced equipment and a comfortable post-operative room, making you feel at home.

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital claims to be the number 1 cosmetic facility in Vietnam. This is a reliable address chosen by many famous people and Vietnamese customers returning home!

✰ Conclusion: Above are detailed information about Mi Young Thread Lifting service. If you still have questions that need to be answered, please contact the hotline  19006466  for the fastest support and advice.

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