4D structural rhinoplasty

4D structural rhinoplasty – The most comprehensive nose correction technology 4D structural rhinoplasty is the most comprehensive nose correction technology today, exclusive to Kangnam, which intervenes in the tip of the nose, dorsum nasi, and columella, overcoming many defects: flat nose, short nose, upturned nose, etc

1. What is 4D structural rhinoplasty?

4D structural rhinoplasty is a minor surgery service (gentle surgery) using autologous cartilage (ear cartilage, septum cartilage) to correct the tip of the nose, erect the columella, together with Korean biological cartilage to Enhance and shape the dorsum.

  • Columella: Build the columella with septum cartilage, to support the nose tip *Nose tip: Covered with ear cartilage
  • Ear cartilage (autologous cartilage that is compatible with the body), cushions the nose tip, reduces the chances of biological cartilage misplacing and the tip getting red.
  • Dorsum: Raised by placing Korean standard bio-cartilage The doctor will trim the cartilage material to fit the existing structure of the client’s nose, and create the most suitable S-line or L-line shape for each individual.

2. Design your desired nose shape

With advanced technology from Korea and the United States and by a team of experienced specialists, Kangnam will give customers satisfactory rhinoplasty results.

  • Design nose shape according to face proportions: The doctor calculates the nose ratio based on facial biometrics, gender and the correlation between the facial parts in order to advise the most suitable nose shape for the customer.
Nâng mũi Kangnam thiết kế dáng như ý
  • Preview results before implementation
    Vectra 3D technology and 3D Face-Design technology gives accurate analysis of defects and 3D simulation of the nose before – after the surgery. Customers can foresee the results with accuracy up to 85%.
  • Reduce swelling, pain – swelling, quick recovery
    + Precise dissection with small incisions
    + Naturally beautiful nose after 7-10 days, no scar exposure from surgery

3. Standard rhinoplasty procedure at Kangnam

At Kangnam, the rhinoplasty procedure is performed methodically, in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health to ensure safety and satisfactory results during the surgery.

* 6 standard steps:
Surgery timelength: 45-60 minutes | Local Anesthesia | Recovery in 7-10 days

Step 1: Visit and consult to determine the condition of the nose, choose the method of rhinoplasty

Step 2: Perform the necessary tests, to make sure you fully meet the safety criteria for a rhinoplasty surgery

Step 3: Measure the nose before surgery

Step 4: Local Anesthesia/or General Anesthesia – Perform rhinoplasty surgery

Step 5: Splint the nose after surgery to fix it

Step 6: Remove splint (after 5-7 days) and stitches (after 10 days)


After the surgery, clients rest for 30-60 minutes at the hospital to monitor the reaction after surgery, then can go home within day. Nasal splint needs to be worn for 5-7 days to fix the nose shape.

Doctors and nurses will instruct customers on prescriptions and do’s and don’ts after rhinoplasty so that the nose is in shape fast and beautifully.


  • Day 2: Suck nasal secretions at the hospital
  • Days 5-7: Remove the nose splint at the Hospital
  • Day 10: Remove stitches
  • About 1 month: Nose is in shape, no swelling and almost naturally beautiful

4. Real customer images who have done 4D structural rhinoplasty

More than 100,000 Vietnamese and foreign customers have had rhinoplasty at Kangnam and are extremely satisfied with their results. Let’s see some results!


[WATCH LIVE CLIP] International standard rhinoplasty procedure and recovery

video nhật ký sửa mũi

Mai Anh’s rhinoplasty diary at Kangnam Hospital

5. 5. Autologous Cartilage Rhinoplasty Price at Kangnam

Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty service sole rib cartilage is currently priced at 70 million VND. This is a package cost, including all fees from examination, health check-up, surgery to post-operative care, periodic re-examination.

The hospital commits to no extra fees, the above prices are applicable to all Kangnam hospital branches across the country. In particular, a LIFETIME warranty for rhinoplasty customers is only available at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital. Special offers for Overseas Vietnamese visiting the homeland:

✦ 20% discount for Autologous Cartilage Rhinoplasty: from70 million VND originally to only 56 million VND

1 USD = 23,500 VND (exchange rate according to Vietcombank on 15th September)

6.  Why choose Kangnam for Rhinoplasty?

Autologous cartilage rhinoplasty is successfully performed at a reputable cosmetic facilities. Only large cosmetic hospitals are eligible and licensed to perform rhinoplasty according to the Ministry of Health ‘s circular on the scope of cosmetic activities.

Kangnam Plastic Surgery Hospital has the largest nasal plastic surgery department in the country With 11 years of establishment and development, the rhinoplasty department at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital is proud to always be the pioneer in applying the world’s advanced rhinoplasty technologies.

Kangnam signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with the KCCS Korean Cosmetology Association. The team of doctors are intensively trained in techniques and the latest trends in rhinoplasty. The nose cosmetic technologies are transfered directly from Korea, ensuring natural beautiful surgery results.

The entire surgery is carried out in a closed process, ensuring international standards with modern operating rooms and equipment. More than 100,000 rhinoplasty cases were successful performed, more than 2000 broken noses were corrected, and failed primary rhynoplasty at other cosmetic facilities were “rescued” at Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital.

Kangnam Aesthetic Hospital claims to be the number 1 cosmetic facility in Vietnam whom you can trust

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